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change is compelling
Ok, you've successfully drawn visitors to your site. But, will they return?

They will, as long as you construct your site as a "scoreboard" rather than a "billboard." A static "billboard" site may generate initial interest, but a "scoreboard" that delivers timely, dynamic content keeps them coming back time and again.

Many companies spend over half their Web budget keeping their site up to date. 321site has dynamic solutions to keep your content fresh without heavy maintenance costs. Further, we can program your site to display rotating content, or allow the visitor to personalize what they see when they visit your site.

fending with feedback
Responding to each e-mail individually can become tedious and time-consuming, and often develops into a full-time job for one or more employees. The ideal way to handle e-mail is to present a form to prompt and structure user input. Feedback is automatically read into a database, where you can easily print, analyze, and even respond automatically.

  publishing databases
Do you have a spreadsheet or database of products, rates, locations, or other information you'd like to share with the world? We can do it for you, and probably a lot faster and cheaper than you think. Data-driven sites are no longer a thing of the future or strictly for big business.

is your site ADA compliant?
All commercial Web sites must be accessible by people with disabilities starting June 30, 2001, as mandated by the U.S. Federal Government. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) previously policed only Federal agencies.

So what does this mean to your company? Quite simply, make your site accessible or face the threat of being sued. (The National Federation of the Blind sued America Online in November 1999 for not moving fast enough to make its services accessible.) This means conducting a comprehensive review of your site to ensure it passes ADA compliance standards.

321site.com is equipped to make your site ADA compliant, quickly and inexpensively. Contact us today to help safeguard your future.

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