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Web designers are like a box of chocolates: You never know what you're gonna get.

Some are hard-core coders, great when you need a complex script but less adept at implementing stylistic visual effects.

Graphic gurus often work up wondrous concepts without regard to practical concerns such as download times or how it will look in another browser.

Others are converted marketing types: skilled verbally, but lacking either of the above technical attributes.

Then come the punchy sales types: quick with a joke, but equally adept at exaggerating expectations and clouding the truth.

At 321site, you get the best of all worlds: technical, artistic, verbal and... honest! We have plenty of experience in programming, print graphics, copy writing, and marketing, with minimal experience in twisting your arm to buy something unnecessary.

We have the perspective and time to work with you on a personal basis toward effective, affordable, appropriate solutions.

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