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Why a Web site?
10 Global exposure
The Web connects a worldwide audience of over 80 million users, a number that's growing exponentially.
5 Brand definition
A cutting-edge Web presence enhances and solidifies the image of your company, large or small, new or well-established.
9 Global storefront
This year the Internet will eclipse $300 billion in sales revenue. Isn't it time you capitalize on your share?
4 Target marketing
Properly registered with search engines, a Web site delivers your business with a slew of new customers who are searching specifically for your products and services.
8 Informative
A Web site is the ideal way to provide customers with a wealth of detailed information that can't effectively be conveyed in traditional media.
3 Personalization
Use data collected from online forms and statistics to create individualized messages, which help to build sustainable, profitable relationships.
7 Newsworthy
with your business, keeping established customers informed of changes in your products, services and pricing.
2 Networking hub
From sending e-mail to sharing links to creating a direct billing intranet, the Web is the premier way for associates to keep in close contact.
6 Client convenience
Serve your customers around the world, from home or office, 24-7. Phone tag and on-hold messages are "so 20th Century."
1 Cost efficiency
Factor in the Web's clear advantages in reach, information and functionality, and you'll clearly understand the 'Net result: "No other medium comes close!"
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