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Does the Web still work?

What's happened to the Web? Is it not working? Is it a dying fad? Was it Y2k?

Of course not. Computer technology -- especially the Internet -- helps millions of businesses run better every day.

So, what was it that caused the notorious Dot.com Demise? Quite simply, greed.

  1. Eager entrepreneurs sought fast fortunes online, overlooking essential business principles such as realistic profit projections and responsible expense management.
  2. Overzealous investors readily bought into the hype.
  3. And opportunistic development firms feasted on naive non-techies. With a surplus of work, all service standards and accountability went out the window.

Ultimately, everyone paid the price. Bankruptcy, debt, unemployment...

 We at 321site.com have emerged stronger and wiser.

Sure, we've got the skills. We've been busy building some of the most prominent and sophisticated sites on the Web.

We've also learned from the mistakes of our former employers. We edit out the hype, listen to our clients and concentrate on real business goals. We eliminate inefficient bureaucracies such as excessive resourcing, mind-numbing specialization and over-documentation.

We've aligned ourselves with an elite crew of multi-talented professionals who exhibit efficiency, persective and vision. We integrate an ideal formula of strategy, creativity and technology, simplifying seemingly complex tasks.

Our motivation is not greed, but the desire to consistently deliver a quality product, on time, within budget and above expectations.

Let us make the Web work for you.

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